What career adventures will you explore in South Dakota?  Countless options are open to you, and as a travel pharmacist, you don’t have to make a lasting commitment to one job in one location.  You can travel the state of South Dakota and experience all sorts of pharmacy settings—from the local hospital to the retail pharmacy.  We can find the travel pharmacy position you’ve been looking for in South Dakota.

South Dakota Area Information

South Dakota is the land where our nation’s memories are carved in stone at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  It is here where meandering rivers, noble mountains and rolling prairies meet with the hustle and bustle of the modern American city.  In South Dakota you will also discover the rich culture of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Indian tribes, which make up the Sioux Nation.

Aside from all this awe-inspiring nature, South Dakota is also home to the world’s only Corn Palace located in Mitchell.  The original Corn Palace was called “The Corn Belt Exposition” established in 1892.  Local farmers would display their produce on the building exterior to advertise South Dakota’s fertile soil. The present building was completed for its first festival in 1921.  New murals designed by local artists are created each year depicting an important facet of the South Dakota lifestyle.  The murals are constructed from thousands of bushels of corn, grasses, grain, wild oats, broom grass, blue grass, rye, straw and wheat.  Admission is free and is worth the trip even if it’s not on your way.

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture provides mouth-watering recipes of South Dakota’s local bounty.  Go to the S.D. Agriculture website to find recipes on cowboy cookies and homemade fig bars.  Sheep are one of the farm animals raised in South Dakota.  Speaking of sheep, some delicious recipes come from them, such as Indian Spiced Lamb with Yogurt and Bulgur and Lamb Salad.  There is also Pheasant Supreme, Goose Stew and Antelope Chile.  Try these recipes at home or better yet untie your apron and head on out to South Dakota for your next travel pharmacy job and try the cuisine first hand!

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