The benefits of travel pharmacy are plentiful – terrific pay and benefits, a sensational jet-set lifestyle, the ability to explore new places and the opportunity to work in some of the top pharmacy settings in South Carolina.  Sound like a vacation?  It’s more like an adventure!  Each travel pharmacy assignment allows you to see the country, meet new people, and experience new adventures while gaining valuable career training.  Start your travel pharmacy adventure in peaceful South Carolina.  Apply now or search open jobs to begin your travels.

South Carolina Area Information

With more than 100 miles of coastline bordered by the Atlantic Ocean you’ll love soaking up the sun or simply strolling along the beaches in South Carolina during your next travel pharmacy job.  If traveling inland, don’t miss the fields of dancing wildflowers in the breeze.  It is a nature lover’s paradise to see South Carolina’s high climbing yellow jasmine flowers and smell the sweet perfume of its petals.  If this sounds like something you would enjoy head over to Devils Fork State Park in mid-March to admire this one of a kind flower.

But don’t stop there, South Carolina is full of state parks there’s Cheraw State Park and Hickory Knob State Reserve Park.  Do a little digging before traveling to South Carolina for your next travel pharmacy job in order to get the lowdown on exactly what you want to see.  Looking for excitement? Well, South Carolina has that too.  Modern day theatrical artists take the stage in a fully restored 1900’s opera house.  South Carolina is brimming with award-winning museums, galleries and theaters; just take your pick of which one to see first.

South Carolina is famous for its Southern hospitality which is sweeter than the sweet tea.  Aunt Sue’s Country Corner is a restaurant and ice-cream parlor just off the rural highway.  There are high-backed rockers on the porch where patrons can sit and finish their ice-cream while listening to organ music played by a local lady who sings old favorites and local folksongs.  The only way to know South Carolina is to live it.  So, come to South Carolina for your next travel pharmacy job.

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