What career adventures will you explore in New Jersey?  Countless options are open to you, and as a travel pharmacist, you don’t have to make a lasting commitment to one job in one location.  You can travel the entire state of New Jersey and experience all sorts of pharmacy settings—from the local hospital to the retail pharmacy.  We can find the travel pharmacy position you’ve been looking for in New Jersey.

New Jersey Area Information

No matter where you may roam on this wide globe you can count on running into someone from New Jersey.  New Jersey’s slogan should be: We’ve got everything.  Jersey has a little something of everything – from long stretches of shore line to major cities.

There’s a reason it’s so expensive to live and visit New Jersey because there is so much diversity!  And let’s not even mention the pizza in New Jersey – one bite and you’ll never want to leave New Jersey after your travel pharmacy assignment is over.

As in any area of the country, what makes a state stand out among all others are hidden in the details.  There is a magazine circulated in New Jersey and on the web entitled Weird New Jersey, and I believe every state should have such a magazine.  Weird New Jersey reveals the secrets of the Garden State to locals and visitors alike.  Growing up on the Shore, as the locals call the beach, there is a Jersey Shore institution that is a must-see.  It’s a restaurant called Windmill located on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch, and it is in the shape of a windmill.  It is painted red with roof top seating and is open until 4am.  You will have to order a delectable order of cheese fries and chilidogs, and washed it down with a refreshing orange drink.

New Jersey is full of employment opportunities, entertainment, bowling-alleys-turned- music-venues, but the property taxes are among the highest in the nation along with car insurance, health insurance and everything else.  When visiting New Jersey I recommend doing your research, with so many destination opportunities finding an area befitting your lifestyle can make all the difference during your travel pharmacy job.  Perhaps you should try Jersey City, Hoboken, or the quaint seaside town of Cape May—it’s up to you.  As for the food where do I start? The pizza is the best in the country; the sausage and peppers and peppers are amazing; and the porkroll, egg and cheese is indescribable.  If you don’t know what porkroll is that is a sign telling you to get to New Jersey to try it on your next travel pharmacy job.  But be careful the people are friendlier than you think and you may fall in love with Jersey again, and again and again.

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