Seasoned travel pharmacists know there’s so much more to a place than geography.  You know – the see-and-be-seen places – the best restaurants, fabulous shopping, and hip things to do in your downtime on a travel pharmacy job.  Let us help make your next destination alive.  Check out our area write-up on your next travel pharmacy job in Louisiana.

Louisiana Area Information

If any state in the union needs our patronage it’s Louisiana, a state still reeling from the whirlwind catastrophe we all know well—Katrina.  However, New Orleans, the city hit the hardest, is not only recovering, it’s thriving with 30 more restaurants now than before Katrina.  A city that cannot be beaten; what didn’t kill it only made it stronger and more delicious.  When visiting Louisiana the food is impeccable and unique everywhere you go it’s hard to talk about anything else.  There is a subtle rhythm in the state of Louisiana that enters your body upon arrival and is delightfully difficult to shake when you return home after your travel pharmacy job has ended.  There is something about sitting in an open air jazz café at midnight, a cold beer cooling your hand, oyster Po’boy in a basket, your body slick with sweat swaying to the haunting sound of true jazz.

Louisiana is where creativity and lifestyle mesh together in complete symbiosis.  The people laugh a little harder, the food is a little tastier and the music a little more mythical.  Eat crawdads on newspaper by the bay, visit fine museums, or go shrimping on a real shrimp boat.  Ghost hunting in the French Quarter or travel through history at the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge.  Whatever your pleasure Louisiana has something to tip the scale from family fun to romantic getaways.  Come experience it all during your next travel pharmacy job.

Aside from the almost national holiday of Mardi-Gras and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival there are over 400 festivals held in Louisiana a year.  If you plan on tasting your way through the state, like I do, try the out of the way places along the hidden byways before reaching the culinary capital of Louisiana, which is of course New Orleans.  You can almost go about blindfolded and choose a restaurant at random and fall in love with the food.  I have eaten at almost all of them and I heartily recommend Cochon, which was just noted in the New York Times as the third best restaurant in the country.  Cochon was one of the first 12 restaurants to be opened in New Orleans after Katrina.  Try the headcheese, it’s homemade.  Chef/Owner Donald Link has teamed up with skilled artisan Chef Steven Stryjewski to create some of the most interesting homemade dishes New Orleans has the good fortune to enjoy.  Come to Louisiana for any number of delectable reasons for your next travel pharmacy job, but stay for the food.

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