As a travel pharmacist, you’ll see Maine like never before and practice pharmacy in your choice of different locations and clinical settings.  Travel pharmacists combine personal goals, career enrichment, and professional advancement into one dynamic experience.  Ski the slopes in Northern Maine, see New England’s fall colors, and escape to the shore while you continue to broaden your skills as a travel pharmacist, add value to people’s lives, and earn a spectacular income in Maine.

Maine Area Information

You cross over the state border into Maine and a distinct aroma filters into your sense of smell and the scent is balmy pine perfection.  Vermont, New Hampshire and New York are all astounding in their own rights but none match the purifying scent of Maine and the more North you travel the richer the scent becomes.  As a kid I vacationed in a little town in Southern Maine called Friendship.  My girlfriend’s family owns an 11 acre island there and the summer memories I have of that island are the fondest of my childhood summers.  In Maine you are allowed to be a kid, no T.V. on the island but we had row boats, a sunfish sailboat, lobster cages and quartz veined rocks where we would pry out the crumbly crystal and throw the shimmering bits into the bay.  Are you ready to feel like a child again?  Then take a travel pharmacy job in beautiful Maine.

Maine is for everyone; whether you’re into agricultural attractions, museums, cruises, nature, outdoor sports, or shopping—Maine is happy to accommodate everyone.  County fairs serving up award winning cobblers and the area’s largest pumpkins, petting zoos and plenty of lobster. A must experience for the Maine novice or expert-level tourist is the annual Lobster Festival held in July and located in Rockland.  Enjoy a sampling of every local variation on the lobster roll (I suggest you try them all).  Beguiling Sea Goddess Beauty Pageant and heart pounding live lobster racing, maybe not heart pounding but fun all the same.

Come in the winter for a travel pharmacy assignment and cozy up to the fire after a day of playing in an enchanted winter wonderland.  Snowflakes glimmer from the fingers of the pine trees and ice sickles glow in the moonlight.  If you take a pharmacy job in the summertime, find a good flat rock on one of Maine’s rocky beaches and let the sun warm your skin and the cool sea breeze wash over you. The hospitality of Maine is known the world round.  Instead of a hotel for a visit, I suggest a quaint bed & breakfast in beautiful Bar Harbor or Harrison or any number of charming sleepy towns.  Sit by the fire on a clear star-filled night and wait in anticipation for a slice of fresh blueberry pie and a warm glass of mulled wine.  Pull back the flannel sheets and dream of tomorrow.  Maine is a captivating state to visit during your next travel pharmacy job and for the right individual the only state to call home.

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