As a travel pharmacist, you’ll see the country like never before and practice pharmacy in your choice of different locations and clinical settings. Travel pharmacists combine professional development, career enhancement, and personal goals into one dynamic, rich experience.  We have a multitude of travel pharmacy jobs in Mississippi – from Biloxi to Tupelo.  Search our jobs now to see where we can take you.

Mississippi Area Information

Music, heritage, events, casinos, attractions, outdoor activities, food—let’s face it Mississippi is fabulous!  This generously hospitable state with its great food, raucous entertainment and the best dang rodeos you’ve ever seen is where you need to take your next travel pharmacy assignment.  The Dixie National Rodeo kicks off Feb.7-13 in Jackson.  World champion cowboys compete for big money riding the best of Harper and Morgan rodeo stock.  They have rodeo clowns, dirt-in-the-face bull doggers and ropers all competing for big prizes.  Can’t make the rodeo? Don’t sweat it, there are many more events on the way.  Mississippi has bluegrass picnics and county fairs galore.  Check a visitor’s center or website for specific dates.  Something is always happening in Mississippi no matter when you take a travel pharmacy job here!

Mississippi is named for the great Mississippi River which forms the state’s western boundaries and dumps into the Gulf of Mexico.  The state is heavily forested and produces the majority of American catfish.  Mississippi is entirely composed of low lands, the highest point being Woodall Mountain, in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains.  The people of Mississippi have created such a whirlwind culture of heartland music and soul food that visitors often return and return until they become locals.  If you stay too long on your travel pharmacy assignment, you may become a local too.

Speaking of locals…how about the food?  Now Mississippi has far too many eateries to rely on chain franchises—you must dig deep if you want to gain the wisdom of the local’s palates, like fried dill pickles.  Try Abe’s BBQ in Clarksdale, they smoke up some of the best pork and beef around.  Looking for a hot tamale of a restaurant?  Why not try Johns Homestyle Hot Tamales in Cleveland—true to their phrase “good to the last bite”.  So come on down and visit Mississippi for your next travel pharmacy job or ship all your stuff and stay, either way you’ll be satisfied.

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