A terrific income, a full benefits package, and enviable extras like paid travel, free housing, and a variety of incentive programs are yours when you take a travel pharmacy job in Nebraska.  As a travel pharmacist, you’ll enjoy the luxury of a completely flexible schedule.  Work as much or as little as you prefer, and take time off to see the Nebraska landscape whenever you choose.  Ready to learn more?  Read on to hear more about Nebraska or apply now to take a pharmacy job through us.

Nebraska Area Information

In Nebraska the possibilities are endless, and so is the corn.  You can drive for an entire day and see nothing but corn.  Nebraska has so much corn that it even has its own Corn Board.  Nebraska is the third corn producing state in the union and is the number one irrigated corn state with over 84,000 wells.  As you can imagine so much corn makes way for fabulous corn festivals, and the Annual Sweet Corn Festival is just around the corner held in August in downtown Tekamah.

There is a lot more to do in Nebraska besides shuck, eat, grow, mash and cream corn—a lot more than you might think.  There’s canoeing, hunting, horseback riding and fishing.  West Nebraska has some fabulous zoos and aquariums.  Take the family to the Front Street Cowboy Museum, the Bowring Ranch or Buffalo Bill State Park.  North Platte was the home of the man who personifies the Wild West—none other than William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody himself.  Cody’s elegant Victorian house built in 1866 sits beautifully preserved waiting to be toured during your next travel pharmacy job.

All over this vast land of ours we find pockets of national pride, courage and faithful ingenuity in every state.  Nebraska is a picture of earthly beauty that you have to walk though to appreciate.  As I’ve said time and time again, the only way to truly enjoy a state like the locals do is to break bread at their dinner tables.  I’d recommend Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse in downtown Paxton as a place to break that bread.  For 6 decades loyal customers have been coming to gather around a friendly table and let go of the workaday beneath the memento’s of some 200 trophies’ of Ole’s worldwide safaris.  What are you waiting for? Come to Nebraska and relax on your next travel pharmacy job.

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