What career adventures will you explore in Kansas?  Countless options are open to you, and as a travel pharmacist, you don’t have to make a lasting commitment to one job in one location.  You can travel the entire state of Kansas and experience all sorts of pharmacy settings—from the local hospital to the retail pharmacy.  We can find the travel pharmacy position you’ve been looking for in Kansas.

Kansas Area Information

Kansas may be the only state in the union where you can stand amidst the largest field of tall grass in the country and see what our nation looked like some 200 years ago.  History buffs, art lovers and nature enthusiasts put down your things and stay awhile on your next travel pharmacy job because you have a found a home in Kansas.  American Bison continue to roam along the highways in Western Kansas and the Flint Hills.  A strong Native America legacy is evident in Kansas and the decedents of the proud Native Americans that have protected and nurtured these plains are still practicing their traditions and sharing them with visitors and students of life.

Kansas is not limited to astonishing natural beauty and national pride it is also home to some of the most creative efforts our country has to offer.  Largest ball of twine anyone?  53 years and still growing at 17,320 pounds and over 40 feet across, the World’s Largest Ball of Sisal Twine cannot be missed, literally.  Another can’t miss attraction is the Towering Sunflower a 24-32 foot rendition of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece is set upon an eight foot easel for all to enjoy.  This painting is part of the Van Gogh Project, a series of big easel paintings based on the Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings.  Come visit the quirky culture of Kansas or retreat to one of the many state parks like the Tallgrass Prairie and National Reserve or the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge and Buffalo Tour on your next travel pharmacy assignment.

Experience the enchantment of Kansas first hand and the only way to do that is through the local food.  Kansas is big on eating and growing local.  Check out the Kansas City Food Circle (KCFC).  This entirely voluntary grassroots organization is committed to the promotion of alternative agricultural systems and the development of free range animal farming.  The KCFC will be holding two exhibitions this year one in March and the second in April.  Complete with picnic food to show off their superior mashed potatoes, fried chicken and green beans.  Be sure to check it out on during your travel pharmacy job in Kansas!

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