Your career options are virtually endless as a travel pharmacist.  Make traveling your fulltime career or travel occasionally to earn additional income.  You can even use traveling as a strategy to locate your perfect permanent pharmacy job.  Come take a tour of Idaho to see if it’s your next home!  We have a large number of pharmacy jobs across the state of Idaho waiting for you.  Search our jobs or apply now!

Idaho Area Information

Idaho is not just the home of America’s favorite potato it is also home to some of the most beautiful country our nation has to offer.  Idaho covers two time zones running from Canada to Nevada.  Idaho also covers the western side of the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains.  Central Idaho is blanketed in jagged peaks; breathtaking vistas await you at Snake River Plain.  Get away from it all and still feel the comforts of home in Idaho when you take a travel pharmacy assignment here.

Idaho is puzzled into seven regions: Northern, North Central, Eastern, Southwestern, South Central, Central and Southeastern.  Throughout all seven of these regions are inspiration byways and roads less traveled offering secrets of their own.  Near the Alamo region in South Central the City of Rocks is an area popular with climbers and it’s no wonder with granite columns reaching 60 stories high.  Many of the granite rock formations of this park are over 2.5 billion years old, some of the oldest found in North America.  If you’re in the Southwestern region don’t miss scenic Hells Canyon.  This narrow road affords impressive views of Hells Canyon Dam and the lower portion of Hells Canyon, also known as the deepest river gorge in North America.  Silver Valley historic drive opens the door to a not so distant mining past, located in the Northern region.

Idaho’s state parks are among the most awesome in the country.  Farragut is over 4,000 acres and provides plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities.  Bruneau Dune State Park is home to the single tallest sand dune in North America, rising to 470 feet high above lakes and open prairie.  Round Lake State Park is situated in 142 acres of forest encompassing a 58 acre glacial lake at 2,122 feet.  This glacial lake dates back to the Pleistocene Epoch.  Idaho is a state you simply need to visit on your next travel pharmacy job to truly appreciate.  The word beautiful when describing Idaho is an understatement.

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