Take a travel pharmacy job in New York and you will be in one of the most amazing cities in the U.S.  Seasoned travel pharmacists know there’s so much more to a place than geography.  You know – the hot spots – the best restaurants, fabulous shopping, and hip things to do in your downtime on a travel pharmacy job.  Let us help make your next destination alive.  Check out our area write-up on your next travel pharmacy job in New York.

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John Lennon’s iconic T-shirt said it best—I Love New York.  And what’s not to love?  New York State has towering mountains, cities and lakes, pastoral farmlands and vineyards.  The Empire state has it all.  Spring, summer, fall or winter somewhere in the state of New York there is a festival.  New York State has all the charm of the northeast with its snow packed winters, rustic farmland, refreshingly colorful spring, and sweetly fragrant summers spent under lawn sprinklers and brisk autumn air ushering the children to the bus stop.  What is it that makes New York State stand out?  Oh, that’s right New York City!  Come explore all that NYC has to offer on your next travel pharmacy assignment.

The five boroughs of NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Long Island have very unique cultures and intimate differences that make each borough its very own.  Of course most of the residents of all five boroughs work and play in the world-famous borough of Manhattan.  Manhattan is the island where many of this nation’s ancestors passed the Statue of Liberty with eyes veiled in tears and hearts full of promises.  Even after the national devastation of September 11, 2001 property values in New York City continue to rise.  Still after many years of visiting NYC and even living in the city, I can’t figure out the subway, so if you’re an out of towner pay attention and ask for help.  The idea that New Yorkers aren’t friendly is a myth—they love to talk about their city.  As long as you’re not asking them for change they’re likely to answer any question you may have.

Where to eat? Absolutely anywhere!  You’re in New York, the melting pot of America, so every cuisine is at your disposal.  Where to stay?  The Chelsea Hotel is good for some pop culture nostalgia; the St. Regis is great for a truly posh experience; and a quiet B&B in upstate New York is perfect for a quiet, romantic stay.  Where ever you decide, you are guaranteed to a have a superb time during your travel pharmacy job in New York.

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