As a travel pharmacist, you’ll see New Mexico like never before and practice pharmacy in your choice of different locations and clinical settings.  Travel pharmacists combine personal goals, career enrichment, and professional advancement into one dynamic experience.  Ski the slopes, go scuba diving, and view the landscape from a hot air balloon while you continue to broaden your skills as a travel pharmacist, add value to people’s lives, and earn a spectacular income in New Mexico.

New Mexico Area Information

Welcome to the land of enchantment.  Inside the borders of New Mexico you’ll find dizzying landscapes, world class cuisine, fabulous folk art, deserts, lakes and mountains.  New Mexico is known as Indian Country, a place that holds a wealth of Native American culture and heritage.  Walk in the footsteps of the Anasazi.  Explore America’s largest Indian reservation, The Navajo Nation.  Witness the natural desert beauty.  New Mexico is a truly religious experience.

New Mexico doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think of scuba diving, but that is exactly what’s in store for you if you make your way to Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, also known as “natures jewel”. This bell-shaped spring attracts thousands of divers a year.  The spring is 81 feet deep and vividly crystal clear, has steady temperatures of 61 degrees all year round, and is open for public diving day or night.  The water is produced by a cave system near the well’s bottom that generates 3,000 gallons of water per minute.  Diving not your thing? No worries, how about cross country skiing?  New Mexico is full of surprises.

The best Native New Mexican cuisine can be found in New Mexico during your next travel pharmacy assignment.  Regional menu items such as tamales, fajita and an enchilada smothered in red and green chile are lip-smacking and taste so much better when eaten in their native land!  Joseph’s Table located in South Taos Plaza offers a truly unique dining experience.  The food here is as good as the atmosphere, but you will simply have to take a travel pharmacy job in New Mexico and find out for yourself!

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